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Forest Park: The Jewel Box

The Jewel Box is open after a $3.5 million renovation, and it glows again. The glass panes have been repaired and cleaned so the Jewel Box is once again the jewel of Forest Park.

The Jewel Box is open after a $3.5 million renovation, and it glows again. The glass panes have been repaired and cleaned so the Jewel Box is once again the jewel of Forest Park. And the jewel is bright with hundreds of flowers. The permanent floral displays are supplemented with seasonal flowers from the city’s greenhouses grown and planted by the Flora Conservancy of Forest Park, the volunteer gardening group, and the Horticulture Section of the Parks Division.

When the Jewel Box was dedicated in 1936, crowds flocked to experience its magnificent Art Deco design. The structure’s unique construction of cantilevered glass supported by arched steel beams also proved a ground-breaking (but not glass-breaking) technical achievement. In 1938, a hailstorm broke a thousand panes of glass in Forest Park’s greenhouses — but not one in the Jewel Box. A $3.5 million renovation in 2002 transformed the interior into an open, sunlit space ideal for quiet moments, distinctive weddings and many other special events. The Flora Conservancy of Forest Park works with the City of St. Louis to maintain the beautiful floral arrangements around this area.

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Hours of Operation+

Mon - Thur
9am - 4pm
9am - 3pm
9am - 11am
9am - 2pm
Noon - 1:30pm
2pm - 3:30pm
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Location and Hours

The Jewel Box is open to the public:

  • Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Saturday, from 9 to 11 a.m.
  • Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m

Admission is $1 per person, but it is free on Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. until noon.

The Jewel Box is located at the intersection of Wells and McKinley drives in Forest Park.

The main display area is 50 feet high, 55 feet wide and 144 feet long, containing about 7,500 square feet of floor space.

There are special floral shows at Christmas, early spring, Easter, Mother's Day, summer and fall. It has tropical trees, foliage plants, flowers, a new water feature and fountain year round.

For information about weddings, receptions, dinners or special events, call the Parks Division at 314-289-5330.

The Jewel Box phone number is 314-531-0080.

Jewel Box Renovation

The Jewel Box underwent a major renovation in 2002. This included removing all of the old plants and trees and reconfiguring the planting areas to the sides of the building, leaving the interior free. Gone are the trees that climbed to the top of the building, obscuring the light. Now the Jewel Box is flooded with sunlight that pours in through the top tiers of glass and illuminates the plants below.

The interior area includes a large fountain and water feature that can be removed for weddings and other events. Large pots line both sides of the pond and baskets of plants hang from the ceiling.

The renovation of the Jewel Box included replacing the mechanical systems, improving the floral display area and adding a catering area so the building can be rented for wedding receptions, corporate meetings and parties. There is a new heating and air conditioning system so it will be comfortable inside in the coldest and hottest weather.

Jewel Box History

The Jewel Box, located on a 17-acre site in Forest Park, was built by the City of St. Louis in 1936 and is operated by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry. It is listed on the National Historic Register. The designation was given by the National Park Service and the U.S. Department of the Interior. The application was submitted by the Landmarks Association of St. Louis on behalf of the City of St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry. The Jewel Box was given the designation on the National Register because it is, “locally significant in the area of architecture. The Art Deco building is an outstanding example of greenhouse design.”

The Jewel Box was dedicated Nov. 14, 1936 and cost about $117,000, with about 45 percent coming from Public Works Administration (WPA) funds. It was designed by city engineer William C. E. Becker and Robert Paulus Construction Co. was the contractor.

With its unconventional, cantilevered, vertical glass walls rising majestically 50 feet high, the Jewel Box opened in 1936 to national acclaim. The Post-Dispatch called the Art Deco-style structure, "the latest word in display greenhouses."

Today it is an aged St. Louis treasure that has been restored to its former glory.

Renting the Jewel Box

The Jewel Box in Forest Park is one of the most beautiful sites in St. Louis for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It also is one of the most popular.

The floral display area has a large fountain and water feature that can be removed for weddings and receptions. Maximum capacity for the Jewel Box for a wedding ceremony is 250 people.

Jewel Box Rental Information